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2023 Toyota Hilux GR V6 Diesel Model

New Hilux GR 2023 Specs, Review, and Price

2023 Toyota Hilux GR V6 Diesel Model

2023 Toyota Hilux GR – The latest generation 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Concept seems to be releasing its newest pickup variant soon. After Ford with the new generation Ford Ranger 2023, followed by Mitsubishi with the All New Triton 2023, this time Toyota comes with a new version of the New Toyota Hilux 2023 which is the latest generation of the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship pickup.

2023 Toyoa Hilux GR V6 Concept
2023 Toyoa Hilux GR V6 Concept

The emergence of a new generation from the 2023 Toyota Hilux Redesign is expected to be able to increase competition in the pickup truck line which has been dominated by several manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Mitsubishi. In terms of appearance, it is clear that the 2023 Toyota Hilux model looks stunning with new nuances on the exterior and interior.

Toyota Hilux GR 2023

Being in the business and commercial pickup vehicle segment, of course, the New Hilux 2023 is equipped with tough performance such as a multifunctional vehicle and offers an interior design that provides extra comfort. Toyota offers the All New Toyota Hilux 2023 into two types, namely the New Hilux 2023 with a V6 2.5 liter diesel engine and the other type with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine.

New Toyota Hilux 2023 Exterior

On the outside, the latest New Toyota Hilux GR 2023 looks fiercer with larger dimensions than its predecessor. From the headlamp side, the Toyota Hilux 2023 brings a fairly large headlamp design with a trapezoidal shape that extends upwards.

At the front it is also decorated with a terraced iron grille with chrome accents for the double cabin variant, and black doff for the single cabin variant. The front of the New Hilux GR 2023 is also decorated with a dynamic bumper design and has been arranged in such a way by Toyota, so that it has a high distance from the ground.

Toyota Hilux 2023
Toyota Hilux 2023

On the side it can be seen that the 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Sport does not have many body curves, the side glass also shows a standard design as in the previous version of the New Hilux 2023. As for the rear, this truck offers a solid impression with a combination of the 2023 Toyota Hilux stop lamp which is box-shaped and has a triangular accent on the side as a turn signal indicator. At the rear is also equipped with a rear bumper designed with a very minimalist design with additional steel parts placed under the tub which is wrapped in silver color.

2023 Toyota Hilux Model Interior

On the inside of the cabin, generally cars targeting the vehicle truck segment will mostly ignore the interior side and place more importance on performance and body capacity. But this is different from that offered by the 2023 Toyota Hilux Refresh. 2023 Hilux GR still pays attention to the interior even though this new car is targeting the field worker user segment.

For the highest variant of the 2023 Toyota Hilux 2.5 E 4X4 M/T Double Cabin, it is equipped with high-end interior specifications. An example is the use of a steering wheel with leather material and is equipped with an informative instrument panel. On the dashboard, the New Toyota Hilux 2023 is equipped with a 6.1-inch touchscreen display as audio input and can also be integrated with an iPod using a Bluetooth connection.

The dashboard panel of the 2023 Hilux standard version or single cabin is also equipped with a tachometer that displays a complete information board, as well as an additional eco lamp indicator to set the driving model.

In the cabin, the New 2023 Hilux double cabin can accommodate up to four passengers. As for the extra cabin (single cabin), the back of the cabin can only function as luggage. Although it is narrower, the rear cabin of the 2023 Toyota Hilux single cabin is still able to accommodate additional passengers, although it is quite risky because there is no seatbelt available. Whereas in 2023 the Hilux single cabin can only accommodate two passengers, but this has an impact on the storage capacity of the car tub being more spacious.

New Hilux 2023 Rumors Engine

2023 Toyota Hilux GR brings a diesel engine that carries a DOHC 4-Cylinders In Line 16-Valve engine. This diesel-powered engine is a type of V6 Diesel engine. The inline four-cylinder engine has the ability to generate power of 175 horsepower and produce a maximum torque of 450 Nm at 3,400 rpm engine speed.

New Toyota Hilux 2023
New Toyota Hilux 2023

This machine has adapted Fuel Injection technology so that the combustion process in the engine room runs more perfectly. In accordance with the character of the diesel engine, the New Hilux 2023 will provide a responsive pull and maximum power. However, like most diesel vehicles, the diesel version of the 2023 Toyota Hilux Rumors will feel quite rough when driven at full power.

2023 Toyota Hilux Price Release

New Toyota Hilux GR 2023 has a very dashing, sturdy, sporty and luxurious design. On the engine side, the 2023 Hilux is equipped with a large and tough DOHC engine. The toughness of the engine is certainly also very influential on the 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Price. So far, Toyota has not leaked the price that will be priced for the latest generation of the New Hilux 2023.

With the presence of various improvements and also equipped with the latest technology and features, the price offered will also increase and it is hoped that it will not deviate much from the previous generation which was around $30,400.

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